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Jewelry Care & Info


Your jewelry is designed to last a very long time, when properly taken care of. We recommend putting your jewelry on last and taking them off first. Avoid exposing your pieces to water, cosmetics, oils, perfume, or hair products. Store all jewelry in a dark and dry place to avoid exposure to moisture.

All earrings are carefully packaged in a jewelry box for safe storage and to ensure the longevity of each piece.

As each component is entirely handmade, every piece will be unique. You may see slight variations (size, color, finish, etc) or imperfections (air bubbles, lint, etc). Please be aware of this before purchasing.



Porcelain clay is a non toxic, biodegradable, air dry clay. When fully dried, it’s a strong, super lightweight, and flexible material with a slightly transparent finish. Most clay components are sealed with a thin coat of resin for durability. 

  • Clay pieces can be delicate and should not be bent or dropped. 
  • Do not clean clay pieces with acetone or rubbing alcohol, as this may cause surface deterioration. 
  • Clay components can easily be cleaned with a damp soft cloth. Add a small amount of hand soap for stronger stains. 
  • Store your jewelry neatly and separately to avoid tangling and surface scratches. 


 Resin is a strong, lightweight, and water resistant composite material. 

  • Resin pieces and any components sealed with resin can easily be cleaned with a damp soft cloth. Add a small amount of hand soap for stronger stains. 
  • Do not clean resin pieces with acetone or rubbing alcohol or any chemicals, as this may cause surface deterioration. 
  • Avoid storing resin pieces in direct sunlight. This may alter the properties of the material and cause yellowing or color changes.
  • Store your jewelry neatly to avoid surface scratches. 

Post and Metal Components

Most posts are stainless steel, 18k gold plated brass, titanium or 14k gold filled making them nickel free, hypoallergenic and resistant to tarnish. We are always working to expand our post and stud options to make our pieces comfortable for all skin types.

  • Clean all posts with rubbing alcohol before wearing.
  • Some metal components may darken or tarnish over time when exposed to water and oils, but can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth or tarnish remover to bring back the shine. 
  • Do not bend or twist metal components and chains, as this may weaken its structure and eventually cause it to break.  

*Please refer to each individual listing for more information on the type of post and metal used. Contact us if you have any questions or are unsure which metal type works best for you.